Important advice: Conference postponement

Dear participants,

it is with enormous regret that we are forced to announce that "Combinatorics 2020" must be postponed to a later date.
The epidemic is still in its growing stage, the hospitals in our regions are under enormous pressure, most activities including Schools and Universities are under lockdown until April 3, but most surely that will not be the end of the story. Travelling to Italy has been discouraged by many countries, and we have reason to believe that at the beginning of June we will still be in the middle of the storm.

We believe it makes no sense at this stage to wait any longer before taking a decision, in the hope that the situation might improve soon: we prefer to decide now.

So we have decided that Combinatorics 2020 shall NOT take place 1-5 June 2020. At the moment we can only say that we shall strongly try to reschedule the event for 31 May - 4 June 2021, so exactly one year ahead, turning the Conference into a "Combinatorics 2021" at Mantua (Italy)


Here are some instructions: we give you the possibility of choosing between the following two options.
  1. If you feel it might be easier, you can leave the registration fee here and we shall consider it as a valid payment for the "Combinatorics 2021" fee. Should you change your mind at a later stage you shall receive your reimbursement then.
  2. We issue your reimbursement now. If you have paid by Credit Card you will be reimbursed through that channel. If you have paid by Bank Transfer you shall need to communicate the IBAN code of the bank account to our Conference e-mail address:


Please do not forget to cancel your booking individually, regardless of whether you booked in one of the hotels that the organizers had suggested or otherwise.
We thank you for your patience and understanding

The Organizing Committee